Guitar Instruction

Lessons with Steve are customized to meet the individual students’ interests; focus on music theory, song analysis, improvisation, as well as music production and songwriting in various styles ranging from rock, jazz, r&b, and classic-popular genres. Class instruction includes music theory, improvisation, stage and studio performance, music production, and songwriting. Guitar instruction is tailored for ages 12 and up.

A typical lesson with Steve is completely dependent on each individual student's goals. Lessons are built upon listening to what the student or his/her parents want to attain and providing insight to help guide the student towards his/her musical goals. 

Lessons for Beginners & Intermediates

  • Friendly self-Introduction 
  • Assess student's basic personality-type and goals for lessons
  • Describe the Guitar (tuning machines, bridge, etc.), tonal/volume controls (if electric), amplifier settings, etc. 
  • Tuning and names of strings (EBGDAE) 
  • Basic sitting/standing Postures for holding and playing the instrument 
  • Holding a pick/and or finger style (PIMA) 
  • Fretting Thumb Positions 
  • Keeping the lessons fun and musical while learning appropriate songs 

Lessons for Experienced Students and Pros 

  • Friendly self-Introduction
  • Assess personality and goals for lessons 
  • Sensitivity to personalities, similar to beginners/intermediates - noticing body language, likes and dislikes 
  • Provide musical concepts to increase concentration to expand musicianship in all areas
  • Introduction to and continual practice with improvisational techniques
  • Gently encourage the student to creatively stay in the moment utilizing focus and awareness techniques
  • Keeping the lessons fun and musical while learning appropriate songs 

Lesson Books/Materials Used includes

Beginners - Hal Leonard and Mel Bay method books 

Intermediates - Berklee series books; accompanied by Blues, Rock, Jazz artist listening recommendations 

Advanced - Subtle (self) listening techniques to improve timing, breathing, reading, technique and ear training, music recommendations

Steve's Teaching Philosophy

I enjoy teaching and sharing my knowledge of music with my students, as well as emphasizing and instructing students on healthy methods to improve their awareness, musical techniques, and relieve stress with a focus on overall wellbeing and relaxed musical performance. My student ages range from 8 to adult, and I have experience working with adolescents with mild developmental and learning disabilities. My education, performance versatility and teaching experience helps me to spread the joy and possibilities of music to my students and the global music community. 

About the Instructor - Steve Wright

Steve Wright is originally from Petersburg, VA, USA.  His early childhood (musical) influences led him to choose the guitar where he began lessons at the local guitar shop at age 13.  After graduating High School, Steve moved to Atlanta, GA where he studied Jazz and Rock guitar privately with Sid Wolfe at the Atlanta Institute of Music, graduating with Honors in Guitar Performance.  Steve then went on to further study Jazz at The University of North Texas. Steve and his wife, Kim, moved to London, UK to continue their work and performances. While there, Steve completed his MMus Performance (Guitar) degree with Honors, where he was a US Ambassador, at the London College of Music, University of West London, in London, England. He also completed a year of doctoral studies at University of Nottingham in Music Performance and Health (Guitar) with research focus on Tai Chi and mindfulness practice for musicians, and he has professional membership with BMI, Inc. and Atlanta Writer's Club. Steve has recently moved back to Atlanta, GA and continues his professional career as a performing guitarist and guitar instructor. In addition to teaching from his private studio, Steve teaches at local community music schools, including New School of Music, and conducts music and health (Tai Chi) workshops. Previous teaching assignments have included being the workshop clinician at Berkshire Hills Music Academy in Massachusetts and the Intwasa Arts Festival in Zimbabwe. 

With over 25 years professional working experience as an electric and acoustic guitarist, Steve is well-versed at many professional ‘hats’ within the music business.  He is a performer, songwriter, producer as well as musical director; and all of these attributes help to strengthen his approach to teaching as a clinician-educator and (private) guitar instructor.  Steve has over 18 years experience teaching private and group guitar lessons to students ages 12 and up from beginners to pro players, and currently teaches with his private studio, AMH Music Studios.

Notable events and appearances:  Intwasa Arts Fest (Zimbabwe, Africa) as featured artist & workshop clinician, live concert at 606 Club (London, UK), featured artist at Atlanta Jazz Festival, live musician in 2012 major motion film “The Three Stooges” (Farrelly Brothers, 20th Century Fox), performing guitarist at Michael Jordan's Retirement Party, member of live house band for TNT “Listen Up with Charles Barkley”, and guest appearances on BET J, TBN weekly and WGN “Good Morning Chicago”, among many others.