From the recording Turning Point

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S. Wright, K. Leachman-Wright
©published 2003, Nightingale60Publishing, BMI, Steve Wright, BMI

Kim Leachman-Wright...vocals
Steve Wright...acoustic & electric guitars
Myron Carroll...bass
James Barrett...drums

I wonder where you come from, I dreamed of you
Did you plan to cast your spell on me
I breathed a new, then you appeared
Peace had fallen over me, then came you
A perfect time and place in my life
Loneliness left me alone, giving way to you

Now I am dancing to a rhythm refreshing and moving
Finally singing to beats of a drummer deserving
da da de do da de da
Expressing the joy that you’re giving
da da de do da de da
My love is no longer searching
When I stopped wanting you drifted in slowly pursuing
Can you say Amazing Grace has given me favor
Treading the deep of waters
Quietly tapping around me
You move me

Can you see life’s so precise
Skillfully you came to me, much to my surprise
I must confess, although I didn’t know it would be you in my prayers
Know you were the eyes piercing through the chains around my soul