From the recording Turning Point

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For the Love (5:35)
(K. Leachman-Wright, S. Wright)
©published 2003, Nightingale60Publishing, BMI, Steve Wright, BMI

Kim Leachman-Wright...vocals
Steve Wright...acoustic & electric guitars
Myron Carroll...bass
James Barrett...drums


For the love you shed for me
For the times you didn’t know if your love could stand for me
For the ride I took with you
How I feel the pain you felt when your faith was leaving you

For all the things you’ve seen in your lifetime that changed
the way I live mine
My eyes won’t let me hide from all your love and sacrifice

For the love you fought to bring
So the world could believe we could live in harmony
How you tried to set them free
And show your vine was rooted in the soil you labored for me


So now time has shown how we’ve grown
As we march side by side to the same beat of time
And now they know that your love is what keeps us holding on, and what makes us strong

Ooo love will always take it away
The tears we cry
Ooo love will always take it away
The pain we hide
Ooo love will always take it away

The tears, the pain, and the shame

Where you brought me
How you showed me all about love
How you broke me
And taught me the true meaning of love
For the times I didn’t keep love, and misused the love
How you showed love, you taught love, how you brought love