From the recording Turning Point

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Good Ole' Days (4:50)
(S. Wright, K. Leachman-Wright)
©published 2004, Nightingale60Publishing, BMI, Steve Wright, BMI

Kim Leachman-Wright...lead & background vocals
Steve Wright...acoustic & electric guitars, synth bass, keyboards, drum programming


Traveling down the road alone
Stopped by in Atlanta, Georgia
Ran across some friends I’d known
Met a few along the way
Saw a man who’d change my life
Took me on a wild ride
Kept in this secret place of mine to treasure for the rest of
my life

I know, oh I know that my life won’t be the same
Said I know, all I know is those were the good ole’ days

I wanna share with you that each moment was framed by a
smile from me to you
As quickly as you came, you went away
But the memories last always
If I had to do it all again, the same road would echo your name
All I know is, all I gotta say is, those were the good ole’ days

Woke up to the scent of spring
Pollen all in the air
Quickly felt the heat of June
Festivals everyone
Wished for a chance to play this tune of lessons that
were taught and learned
Being born again everyday
Happy for the chance to say



I recall writing on the hills of Piedmont Lake
The many times I quit my jobs to run a different race
Remember when we laughed and cried as we held
each other through the night
I knew then I’d remember the times as the good ole’


Good ole’ days