From the recording Turning Point

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It's In Your Hands (5:02)
(S. Wright, K. Leachman)
©published 2005, Nightingale60Publishing, BMI, Steve Wright, BMI

Kim Leachman-Wright - lead & background vocals
Steve Wright - electric guitar
Jeff Smith - bass
James Barrett - drums


One day we’ll see the light
One day we’ll understand why
Afraid to change, afraid to choose life
Why is the price so high

How high is the cost of war
Who are we dying for
Yearning to learn to live in peace
Can’t we learn to just dance

We’ll dance to a new life, to a new song
If by chance when we dance we are dancing alone, they’ll catch on

Stand strong, have faith my friend
Your courage helps new life begin
Let Liberty’s light guide you across the sea
So you can dance with me

Get right, change is creepin’ by
Don’t miss your ticket to come aboard on the freedom ride
Everywhere we go we’re keeping hope alive
Rich or poor, it’s in your hands
Come on, you know you want to go
While everybody is groovin’ the new tune you’re stuck in the thirties vibe
The music was hip and swingin’
But you couldn’t cross the colored line
Now here’s your chance, it’s in your hands

Left wing, right wing, ordinary people’s my thing
Your cause, my cause, they’re all the same
Blind eyes can’t find their way, no chance
Have the courage to dance


Now here’s your chance to turn it around, It’s in your hands

Now it’s in your hands