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Don't Fall too Fast (Direction) (9:27)
(S. Wright, K. Leachman-Wright)
©published 2003, Nightingale60Publishing, BMI, Steve Wright, BMI

Kim Leachman-Wright...vocals
Steve Wright...acoustic & electric guitars
Myron Carroll...bass
James Barrett...drums


Don’t fall too far too fast, there’s a chance it won’t last
When you find yourself slipping too fast, wake up
I can’t deny that I’m falling for you

I must say life’s been so sweet since I met you
And, now I know that I’m losing control of me
What will you say when I say that I need you
Will it scare you away, or will you stay with me

I gotta know right now if you feel the same way I do
In this short time I think I love you
Can’t forget


Is it a crime for me to feel as I do
A welcomed change
It came so soon



Like the child who’s lost his way on a road that’s clearly marked
Or a baby who reaches out to unfamiliar arms
The time has come, where should I begin
Jump on the speedy boat and start all over again

I need direction for my life
Lord help me please
I wanna stay on the path, the straight and narrow
That leads to my destiny