From the recording Turning Point

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Falling Flower (5:51)
(S. Wright, Kim Leachman-Wright)
©published 2004, Nightingale60Publishing, BMI, Steve Wright, BMI

Kim Leachman-Wright...lead & background vocals
Steve Wright...electric guitars
Jeff Smith...bass
James Barrett...drums


Falling flower
Beauty is not enough to keep them, only to allure them
Drunk with power I face shattered fragments of a black rose
Still she lives for their praise, and it feels so good
Until they chose to lie with some other rose

My sorrow is your favorite song
I think you like it when I’m all alone
So much pride trapped inside
It makes me wanna scream
Oh, I‘m falling

Falling flower
I simply cannot lose
Trusted in your untrusting arms and found the truth
It wasn’t in you, oh no
Broken down to the ground
If only God would mend, if He could bend
Please mend this shattered rose

Falling flower is me

Such beauty
Lost in a sea of misplaced hope
She’s in her glory, self-made glory
But will it last?
As the grass withers, the flower falls away