From the recording Turning Point

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Take Your Time (3:41)
(S. Wright, K. Leachman-Wright)
©opublished 2003, Nightingale60Publishing, BMI, Steve Wright, BMI

Kim Leachman-Wright...lead & background vocals
Steve Wright...electric guitar
Myron Carroll...bass
James Barrett...drums


It seems when you rush it’s always a mistake
Take your time
If you feel alone, it’s for a reason
You can’t find your way surrounded by those who doubt you
Have you wondered why everybody tries to disguise
Their true intent is to run your life

They don’t understand that it’s my time to shine
Finally I have arrived

You gotta take you time
Don’t give up
Don’t give in
Take your time

Getting through what you were meant to go through
Means faith sustained you
It’s your season