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“Daysahead revives the spirit of the golden era of bands from the 70’s & 80’s criss-crossing rock, jazz, and soul into a sound that’s both contemporary and timeless….an air-tight band and a bewitching front woman. Daysahead gets straight-ahead funky.” (Michael Heyliger, RhythmFlow)


Steve & Kim Wright have been creating music together for over 10 years, and it goes without saying that this husband & wife duo shares a connection that is truly amazing to hear and watch! Steve and Kim’s courage and comfort to leap without looking is refreshing and “reminiscent of the golden era of bands from the 70’s & 80’s” (Rhythmflow). Forming their band, Daysahead, was a lifelong accomplishment and with a progressive musical style their recorded material and live performances take you on a jamband ride of sonic sounds and emotions as the the band weaves seamlessly in-and-out of Soul/R&B, Rock, Jazz, Gospel, Latin Jazz, Ska, Folk and back with improvisation throughout. Never ones to ignore the groove, deciding early on in their career to write and perform message music of value, this powerful duo follows in the footsteps of their predecessors creating cerebral music encased in visceral grooves.

Daysahead performs as an acoustic guitar/vocal duo, or with their larger ensemble. Bandmates include world-class players and artists Nate Robinson (drums), Brandon Gilliard (bass), Chris Burroughs (drums), Aaron Clay (bass), Che Marshall (drums), Myron Carroll (bass), James Barrett (drums), Donna Hawkins (bass), Jeroen de Rijk (percussion), and Dudley Moore (percussion). Daysahead has co-billed with renowned artists such as Al Green, Chaka Khan, The Brand New Heavies, Lalah Hathaway, Fourplay, Gerald Albright, Michael Franks, Rachelle Farrell, Jhelisa Anderson, George Duke, Al Jarreau, Marcus Miller, Victor Wooten, Stanley Clark, Roy Ayers, Gerald Albright, Kirk Whalum, Norman Brown, Will Downing, Patti Austin, Earl Klugh, Maysa Leak, Angie Stone, Ledisi, and Fertile Ground. The band has performed venues such as the Intwasa Arts Festival (Zimbabwe, Africa); Montreux Jazz Festival (Georgia, USA); NewYork Harborfest (New York, USA); Capital Jazz Festival (D.C., USA); Bay Fest (Alabama, USA); Atlanta Jazz Festival (Georgia, USA); Capital Jazz Supercruise (Bermuda, British Island); Maya Angelou’s 80th Birthday Party (Georgia, USA); National Black Arts Festival (Georgia, USA); Richmond Fine Arts Fest (Virginia, USA). Daysahead has been featured live on several broadcast networks including ZBC TV “Zimbabwe, Africa TV”, BET J “Soul Sessions”, TBS “Storyline Soundstage”, and CBS “Better Mornings”. Steve and Kim’s music can be heard on air and online throughout the USA, UK, and Japan. The band was nominated Best Duo/Group of the Year by SoulTracks Readers’ Choice Awards, and Best Band & Best Album of the Year by RockWired Awards, among many other accolades.


Paying deep homage to their musical predecessors, Daysahead’s soul/r&b/rock/ contemporary music is ear-bending, pulse-moving, sentimental and provoking. The music takes the audience on a musical ride of African and American rhythms and improvisations blended with European harmonies and styling, with jam-band reprises. The musical program content presents an inviting and accessible format showcasing the subtle and vast differences as well as similarities of the gospel, jazz, rock, blues and soul idioms while preserving the notion that these idioms would not exist were it not for the blend of African, American and European music. Steve’s percussive and chordal Virginia rock-soul textures on guitar mixed with Kim’s smokey Louisiana drenched soul vocals are exciting to hear and captivating to watch. Steve, composer/songwriter/producer/guitarist, and Kim, songwriter/lyricist/vocalist, have a working recipe for their music which is laced in harmony, melody, conscience lyrics, rhythm, and spirituality. “Kim is dynamically subtle and explosively powerful” as she delivers chilling yet soothing and ripping vocal interpretations (Rhythmflow). The duo’s musical foundation is effortlessly created by Steve as “he magnificently showcases the unlimited possibilities of six strings” offering warm chordal textures, resembling a Leslie organ, while striking soaring riffs (Rockwired). The beauty and undeniable strength of the Wright duo is their “brilliant ability to seamlessly leap musical landscapes from gospel to soul to jazz to rock in a seconds notice” all while maintaining one cohesive voice (Rockwired).

Steve and Kim’s acclaimed self-released debut cd Turning Point oozes moody jazz vibes, sultry and heartfelt melodies, syllabic hooks, powerfully rockin’ guitar solos leading to vocal climax, chorus-y guitar and trance-y vocals, unison melodic passages, and improvisation and meter changes throughout. Socially-conscious and Romantic lyrics floating on melodic and groove-oriented compositions. Steve and Kim thrive on expressing whatever creative energies fly, resulting in an authentic and intriguing musical gumbo!

Steve & Kim are currently in production on their 2nd full length album.


We are constantly moved and motivated by you, our fans…..our friends. Thank you for your positivity, loyal support and involvement. One fan wrote, “great music – original – a unique style and sound. Stay right there…I believe you’ll continue to open eyes and hearts endlessly”. Thanks and love to you Friend…..we’ll do just that!


“Daysahead makes their mark on the scene, with an album, “Turning Point”, that’s soulful and revives the spirit of the golden era of R&B/Soul bands of the 70’s & 80’s…(the band) boasts a sound that criss-crosses R&B, jazz, funk and rock to create an intricate and intriguing musical stew…a sound that’s both contemporary and timeless…with an air-tight band and a bewitching front woman…” (Michael Heyliger, RhythmFlow)

“Daysahead explodes with raw detailed vigor and style you rarely hear in music these days. SteveWright’s guitar licks thrust forward defining his purpose as a soloist, therefore, his voice merges seamlessly complimenting the talented vocalesse of KimWright.” (RobYoung, Contemporary Jazz)

“Daysahead’s own blend of soul, funk and rock is a welcome breath of fresh air…the strength of guitar, bass, drums and impressive vocals offer a distinctive sound that’s left field from the soul mainstream in a refreshing way…” (Dirk Binsau, Jazz-not-Jazz)

“Daysahead is proof positive as they slap you in the face with “Turning Point”, their debut release that is sure to have you open…their sound is infectious and quickly invades your sense and creeps into your soul…The hardest thing about listening to this CD was being able to move on to the next track.  I kept replaying each track over and over…To say that Daysahead is diverse and multitalented may be one of the biggest understatements of the year…No question, this is one of the best CD’s I have heard this year!” (DJ Random, EarWax Records)

“Turning Point is one of those cds that is commendable for pushing out the barriers, deserves to be heard, would be excellent to see live…sultry, sensual soulful powerful…it’s not often guitars have such prominence in Soul but it works…(and) the power and strength of Kim’s vocals that sell it…” (Mike Ashley, Life & Soul Promotions)

“The compelling voice of Kim Wright and energetic artistry of guitarist Steve Wright…is a perfect marriage artistically with lyrical substance that ‘rocks’ embroidered with the fabric of jazz, soul and occasional Latin influences…an electrified Tuck & Patti reincarnated in a quartet setting.” (Rob Young, Contemporary Jazz)

“Daysahead’s retro jazz-funk grooves remind you of The Brand New Heavies, with strong and trippy vocals, hot rockin’ guitar, heavy rolling b-line, and divine breaks.” (Alfie da Funkjunky, Funkjunkiez Magazine) 

“Daysahead is an original group bursting with its own distinct style…Using Steve’s electric guitar as the musical centerpiece and Kim, a wonderful smoky-voiced singer.” (Chris Rizik, SoulTracks)

“Daysahead’s sound is the combination of Kim Wright’s impressive command of that indefinable voice that goes from gospel, to soul, to jazz and to rock in a seconds notice, and the dexterity of guitarist and partner- in-crime Steve Wright. Who knew such sounds, textures, and imagination could come from just six strings.” (Brian Lush, Rockwired)

“Daysahead has a very cool vibe and a sweet beat that crosses boundaries and shakes up the soul…the singing is just simply captivating…these folks keep the old Soul and R&B sound while branching out in new ways…an awesome record…” (Frank Matheis, WVKR 91.3fm)